kirk windstein and bobby landgrafFans are still surprised following Kirk Windstein’s sudden departure from Down to focus on Crowbar. The move lead many to wonder whether there was drama following the split, especially considering that bassist Patrick Bruders was staying in Down rather than returning to Crowbar with Windstein. That’s lead to Windstein to set the record straight and explain the split was amicable.

Windstein posted the following yesterday on Crowbar’s Facebook page:

“I am really sick of reading all of these ‘unofficial’ announcements. This was a mutual decision….and an amicable one. Now, can me and the Crowbar fellas get to writing our new record and let my brothers in Down get to writing their new EP so we can all deliver the music that makes y’all happy..That’s all that really matters!!!”

While you can certainly read between the lines, it’s worth noting that Windstein never actually says he’s departed Down. However, shortly after reports circulated the web, Honky guitarist/Down’s stage manager Bobby Landgraf took to Facebook to confirm the rumors that he was taking over Windstein’s role in the band. “Feeling very lucky to have this gig w DOWN…. It wouldn’t be the same without Kirk Windsteins blessing. He is Riff Lord and the new Crowbar will be amazing……,” Landgraf said.

So there you have it, Windstein is definitely out and Landgarf is in, and without any drama. Just in time too, as Down is slated to head into the studio to start recording the next EP this coming Monday (October 7).