Singer Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate and Ratt) has announced that after 2 years he was parting ways with the Tracii Guns-led version of 80’s hair metal group L.A. Guns. Pearl released the following statement via his website:

“After an amazing two years in L.A. Guns, I have decided to move on. This decision was not based on anger or animosity — I have nothing but respect for Tracii and the guys. They can, and will, carry on better than ever. I wish all good luck and good music in the future.”

Before we move any further, the question that probably has popped into most readers’ heads by now is “Wait, Jizzy Pearl was in the Tracii Guns-led version of L.A. Guns?” So for those who haven’t kept up with the L.A. Guns these past few years, here is a recap:

-In 2006, after forming The Tracii Guns Band with former L.A. Guns members Paul Black and Nickey Alexander, Tracii Guns quickly changed the group’s name to L.A. Guns. This led to there actually being TWO versions L.A. Guns active and touring (the other led by singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley).

-Tracii’s lineup has gone through many members since 2006, including having singer Marty Casey of Rock Star: INXS reality TV fame joining the group in 2008. The band supposedly recorded material and shot a pilot for a reality TV show during this time. However, when Casey went back to his band the Lovehammers, they were in search of a new singer and the material recorded was in jeopardy.

-That’s when Jizzy Pearl, who sang on L.A. Guns’ Shrinking Violet in 1999, came into the picture. Since then, Tracii’s version signed a deal with Steve Vai’s label Favored Nations, who released a deluxe reissue of Shrinking Violet this past year. Next week, they’ll be releasing an acoustic album Tracii and the band recorded called Acoustic Gypsy LiveAs of right now, the lineup to Tracii’s L.A. Guns supposedly includes Jeremy Guns on bass and Doni Gray on drums.

So that’s a very brief update on what’s been happening with Tracii Guns’ version of L.A. Guns. There’s still a lot of grey areas regarding what’s happened between 2006 and now. One thing is for sure though: Tracii needs a new singer.