Remember when drummer Dave Elitch was in both Antemasque and the heavy metal super-group Killer Be Killed? Then Soundwave Festival in Australia happened, and Converge drummer Ben Koller filled in, and eventually becoming KBK’s full-time drummer.

Said Max Cavalera back in July,

“We introduced Ben at Soundwave Festival and asked him to be part of the group. He’ such a great drummer and musician.”

Well, Dave Elitch is out of Antemasque, too. Cedric Bixler-Zavala broke the news via Twitter that Travis Barker from Blink-182 would be playing on an upcoming tour and their new album. Ouch. Elitch has since confirmed his departure from the band via Twitter, stating simply, “For the record, I am no longer playing with Antemasque.”

As for Killer Be Killed, they sort of revealed back in August that they’re working on material for a new album in 2016.

(via ThePRP)