Disappointed that guitarist George Lynch and bassist Jeff Pilson are no longer in Dokken? Well it looks like the two are back for the attack with Dokken drummer Mick Brown, as it’s been announced that the three are forming a new group. The band, called Tooth And Nail, is supposedly in the studio aiming to release an album in early 2012.

However, in case their name (which is obviously in reference to the 1984 album of the same name) didn’t give it away, new music isn’t the band’s only intention. According to Blabbermouth, as well as interviews both Lynch and Pilson have done recently, the three are also supposedly re-recording a few Dokken classics for said album. In fact, Metal Insider’s favorite singer Sebastian Bach confirmed that he will appear on the song “Alone Again” via posting a picture of him and Pilson in the studio. The album will feature various guest singers, as well as vocals by Brown and Pilson.

We can’t help but find it funny that three quarters of Dokken’s most well-known lineup are essentially forming a tribute band a year after a potential reunion fell through. Don Dokken (who with Mick Brown has been touring and recording as Dokken) and Lynch even appeared on That Metal Show together back in May of 2010 in hopes that a reunion would follow. Despite their efforts, the reunion never happened and Don went forward with his current lineup.

So we guess that when faced with a singer making things complicated, the next option is to form a “new group” without said singer. Although it’s not exactly clear what else the three have planned (besides what  Lynch and Pilson have revealed), and we assume that Brown is still in the current version of Dokken (who just recently signed a new deal with Frontiers Records). Though as things stand now, it’s getting to look a lot like a second version of Dokken. Although, at both bands aren’t trying to use the same name…unlike some other hair metal groups.