2016s-presidential-hopefuls-redesigned-as-black-metal-bandsWe generally tend not to get political at Metal Insider, because whether you’re a liberal in the biggest city in the world or  a conservative in a one-horse town, as long as you like hard rock and metal, you’re pretty much ok by us (results may vary). But given that one of the leading Republican candidates in North Carolina is Deez Nuts (seriously!), at this point, the Republican Presidential nominee race is like that first couple of weeks of American Idol where a William Hung gets through. And while there will eventually be a candidate (please not Trump!), the field of at least ten are out there trying to get votes, and that’s where comedian Cinco Sanders comes in.

At a town hall meeting in Anderson, SC, Sanders got a chance to meet Republican candidate Rick Perry. Instead  of asking him about Benghazi, the Iran nuclear deal or his thoughts on Obamacare, Sanders asked a relatively clueless Perry what his favorite Metallica album was. Perry didn’t have an answer, and Sanders put his comedian skills to work by suggesting Load and Reload. After stating “Enter Sandman,” Perry grasped onto the only song he probably knows by them and stated that Enter Sandman was his favorite album. Sanders then said Black Album, which Perry agreed with. We hope he gets to ask more candidates his favorite questions. If Perry had really done his homework, he would’ve told Sanders that he had his own black metal logo, but then that would mean he’d have to at least know one Metallica album. What the hell music has he been listening to for the last 30 years?

[via Metal Sucks]