Today in KI$$ merch: You wanted the bike…

Posted by on March 3, 2017

We admit a KISS bicycle is a lot cooler than empty plastic bags. A new “affordable” Torayca T800 and T 900 carbon fibre bicycle is coming soon on sciacallobikes, featuring a certified original licensed KISS bicycle. That’s right, we get to soon ride KISS on wheels. We aren’t sure how much this will cost, but sciacallobikes claims 88% of their customers aren’t rich, making us assume the price tag won’t exceed $5,000.

Picture yourself riding the KISS bicycle on a hot summer day. Obviously, you will find yourself feeling very thirsty eventually, so how about a refreshing bottle of KISS cola afterwards? Turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg… 

Blabbermouth lists the following KISS licenses:

Dynamite Entertainment (comic books and graphic novels)
Sproing Publishing (digital mobile video game)
Swyft Media (virtual goods — emojis, stickers, frames, overlays, themes, wallpapers, avatars)
Apple Industries (photo booths and branded prints)
Sciacallo Bikes (carbon racing bikes)
Staramba (3D printed figurines)
New Ray Toys (long hauler model trucks)

New licensees with North American rights include:
Pangea Brands LLC (waffle makers, toasters, popcorn makers)
S&B Entertainment (branded vending and crane machines)
Wish Factory (pet products and automotive)
Rhode Island Novelty (amusement products) — North America plus Mexico
AJJ Enterprises (cornhole/bean bag toss)
Card Corporation (debit cards and credit cards)

Additional licenses:

Dead Tentacles (worldwide), (worldwide), PSD Underwear (worldwide), KISS4Sale (North America), Breygent Marketing (North America), CMD a.k.a. FigPin (North America), Eurographics (North America), iCup (North America), Imaginarium Goods (North America), OT Sports (North America), Robert Kaufman Fabrics (North America), Get Down Art (North America), Odd Sox (North America) and Philcos (Canada).

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