Is this Iron Maiden tent the most metal shelter ever?

Posted by on April 12, 2016

iron-maiden-tent-festival-scene-lifestyleWhy is it that every time we see KISS merchandise, we get disgusted and think “oh man, Gene Simmons selling out once again,” and every time we see Iron Maiden swag, we think “how cool is that? WANT!” Be it their beer (not all that great), their headphones (maybe a little tacky, but still), or their touring vehicle (Ed Force One!), they’ve got legions of fans that will pick up whatever they’re selling. And if you’re a maiden fan that’s a real trooper (see what we did there?),  you might even go camping. If you’re an outdoorsman, then we’ve got some Maiden merch for you! Field Candy is selling a two-person tent fashioned after the iconic Derek Riggs artwork to “The  Trooper” single. It’s water proof, which is perfect if you’re taking it to a UK festival, but it’s worth having even if you’re only taking it to your backyard. The tent is on sale for 199 British pounds, which is about $284 in American dollars. That’s not cheap, but if it’s a well-made tent, it’s the ultimate piece of usable swag. Also, if you’re camping and you see one of these, you should probably stop in, because you know that’s where the party is.

[via Metal Injection]


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