Wasted ears: Iron Maiden launches headphones

Posted by on January 8, 2015

maidenheadphonesWhile albums are selling less and less as people transition to streaming music, they still need something to listen to their music through, and that’s where Iron Maiden come in. The iconic band have teamed up with Onkyo to present Maiden Audio. Visitors to Onkyo’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas were greeted by a huge statue of Eddie, the  band’s mascot, from the Somewhere in Time era wearing a pair of Maiden headphones. There’s been a website set up at maidenaudio.com, which is showing real time photos of those snapping their picture with Eddie and using the hashtag #maidenaudio on their social media.

Maiden isn’t the first artist to launch their own headphones. Motörhead launched their own line several years ago, and Beats by Dre has launched an empire. Even Bob Marley has his own line of headphones, even if he’s not around to enjoy them. If Maiden’s headphones, which should be launching soon, are good quality, they’ve got a loyal group of fans worldwide that support everything they do, so they should be in good shape. If rumors are correct, you’ll have a brand new album from the band this year to listen to with your Maiden headphones.


[via Cnet, close up photo via Jon Landman]

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