Happy holidays, here’s a holiday “sweater” from Winds of Plague

Posted by on November 8, 2013

windsofplagueuglysweaterThis whole ugly Christmas sweater thing is an actual trend now for some reason. We’re guessing when Slayer did it last year, everyone saw dollar signs in their eyes and a way to sell some merch around the holidays. Because just about everyone is doing it. It’s beating a dead reindeer. At any rate, Winds of Plague are the latest to hop on the sled bandwagon, and have unveiled a limited edition sweater that’s only on sale until Sunday. Oh wait, it’s not a sweater either, just a crew neck long-sleeved shirt. Regardless, this shirt, which is as suitable for decking your friend in a mosh pit as it is for decking the hall, will set you back $24 and a lot of your dignity, but if you want to pick something up you’ll wear for maybe a month of the year max, you can do it here.

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