Before Korn announced that they would be signing to Roadrunner, they promised a heavier album and said that people would be “surprised” by some of the partnerships the band has made. Last week, we heard “Rotting In Vain,” which lives up to the “heavy” part. And yesterday, the band announced that they would be joining Roc Nation. That’s Jay Z’s management company, which has been strategically picking up rock bands this past year. Touche Amore and Coheed & Cambria have joined in the past year as well.

Speaking to Billboard about their new album,  Serenity of Suffering, the band compared it, their 12th album, to 2002’s Untouchables. They said that when writing it, singer Jonathan Davis took a hands-off approach, singing over what the band had already come up with. As far as influences for the album, James “Munky” Shaffer name-checks Portishead and Cypress Hill. Brian “Head” Welch says he’d love to tour with Gojira and Kendrick Lamar, while Munky says A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky, as well as Portishead and A Perfect Circle. As far as their dream collaboration, Munky says he’d love to do a track or two with Rick Rubin and Jay Z. Given the band’s new management company, that’s not that far of a stretch now.

Serenity of Suffering will be released on October 21 on Roadrunner Records.