Metal Insider’s Zach Fehl’s Top 10 Albums of 2020

Posted by on December 21, 2020


2020 has been a profoundly unmusical year for me as far as discovering new music goes. Between only having attended 1 live show all year, not having to commute to work since March, and starting 2020 off with the loss of Neil Peart, my time spent engaged with new releases has probably been the lowest it has in years. It was a great time to dive deep back into my love for Rush, but a pretty slow one for anything that dropped after March. So here’s my list, it’s arbitrary but it’s mine. 

Don’t just read my list though, be sure to check out Matt’s, Jeff’s, and anyone else who has one out already.


10) Green CarnationLeaves of Yesteryear (Epic)


Key Track: “Sentinels”




09) Trivium, What The Dead Men Say (Roadrunner)


Key Track: “Catastrophist”




08) Uada, Djinn (Eisenwald)


Key Track: “Djinn”




07) Ayreon, Transitus (Music Theories)


Key Track: “This Human Equation”




06) Deathwhite, Grave Image (Season of Mist)

Key Track: “No Horizon”


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