Needing no introduction, Metal Insider’s Jeff Podoshen reveals his top ten metal albums of 2018.

10) Horrendous, Idol (Season of Mist)

Innovative, heavy and progressive masterpiece from Philadelphia.  Catch this band live now before they get HUGE!

 Key Track:  “Golgothan Tongues”




09) Watain, Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media)

More raw, louder and grittier than their masterful The Wild Hunt.  Overlooked by many critics this year.  Not sure why.

 Key Track:  “Teufelsreich”



08) Corrosion of Conformity, No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast)

A reunited COC!  Bluesy, southern-inspired metal.  Nothing that even resembles filler on this record.

 Key Track:  “Cast the First Stone” 



07) Shining, X Varg Utan Flock (Season of Mist)

 Yup – THAT Shining.  The one that literally scares most metal writers.  Most of America doesn’t understand Shining and that’s unfortunate.  Another heartfelt record with masterful musicianship.

 Key Track:  “Svart Ostoppbar Eld”



 06) Stryper, God Damn Evil (Frontiers Music s.r.l)

 Yeah, I like Stryper.  This gives another reason for radical leftist metal readers to hate me.  I’m ok with that.  Listen to Michael Sweet’s voice on this record.  Absolutely amazing.

 Key Track:  “Lost”