We’re just about halfway through 2021 and I know we’re all still eagerly awaiting the return to live concerts. It’s happening soon! Some of these new releases in 2021 have got me really excited to hear some this new music live.  Here are my favorite songs of 2021 so far in no particular order.


“Into the Mountains” by Vreid

I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to both this song and this record and I still yearn to listen to it even more.


“Gier” by Kankar

Kankar is another German gem signed to Eisenwald.


“La Morsure du Christ” by Seth

After a long hiatus, French black metal pioneers show us how they’ve developed their sound in a really big way.


“Guided by Evil” by Nervosa

Is this Nervosa’s strongest lineup ever?  Yes.


“Martyrs of the Cult of the Dead (Agita)” by Nightfall

Breathtaking song and breathtaking video to go with it.


“Orkan” by Helheim

Norwegian scene veterans cover a Norwegian classic like you’ve never heard before.


“Recode” by Fear Factory

Burton C. Bell’s swansong harkens back to the glory days of this amazing band.


“Amazonia” by Gojira

Listen, watch, then listen and watch again.  The earth depends on it.


“Sermons of the Sinner” by KK’s Priest

Does it sound exactly like Judas Priest?  Yup.  Sure does.  And that’s why I love it so much.


“Wrath” by Szary Wilk

Szary Wilk shows us that the Polish black metal scene is so much richer than we might have realized.