Vince Neil suing for control of his Facebook account

Posted by on March 19, 2015

vinceneiljerseyYou’d think that with Motley Crue’s touring career ending later this year, the band is looking forward to relaxing for a little while. That’s not the case with singer Vince Neil, as he’s just gone to court over the control of his social media accounts. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Neil has gone t court to try to force an Oregon woman to relinquish control of his social media. The lawsuit, filed this past Friday (13) claims that Krity Sinsara is making posts that are unauthorized by him and to promote herself.

Sinsara, contacted by phone, said that the allegations likely stem from Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah. She said she gave Neil the password to his Twitter account, but only gave his Facebook password to Neil’s tour manager Dana Strum. While Sinsara was never paid to manage his social media, she said that he offered to promote her as a social media strategist. The lawsuit claims that Neil set up Facebook and LinkedIn accounts before he met her, but she took over all of his social media, changing the passwords and creating content for them. At the end of last year, the suit claims that Neil terminated the agreement, but Sinsaro continued to make posts about a book she wrote.

Two things about this whole thing that are amazing
1) Vince Neil has a LinkedIn account.
2) Vince Neil’s tour manager is Dana Strum, the bassist of Slaughter.  I’d totally watch a reality show where Strum tries to keep Neil out of trouble. Or drivers seats.

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