Signatures Grow On Randy Blythe Petition; Court Date On Thursday; Another Vigil On Sunday

Posted by on July 16, 2012

It is day 19 for Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe, who is still being held in a Prague jail on a count of manslaughter. While he is stuck in prison for the time being, things are gaining more motion yet again as fans rally to get Washington’s attention. Blythe is set to appear in court again this upcoming Thursday. And this Sunday, the same people that held a vigil for the singer in Virginia are holding another one this coming Sunday (22) in front of Washington D.C.’s Supreme Court.

Via a petition on the “We The People” forum on the website of the White House, supporters are hoping to get the 25,000 signatures within 30 days that are necessary to officially get the attention of the POTUS. The petition creator Espedito C. “Tito” Fink commented in an email to Times Dispatch:

In just eight days open to the public, we have gotten … 10,000 signatures.

With the time frame being 30 days, things seem at least a tiny bit positive, especially since the petition had 16,375 signatures as of the time we published this. The petition can be seen and signed here.

On how he got the petition off the ground, Fink further commented:

This has been a group effort of everyone in the Facebook group that I created. Without them, I don’t think this would have gotten off the ground. I’m hoping this will bring enough awareness so the federal government will do any and everything within its power to diplomatically bring Randy home while remaining on good terms with the Czech Republic.

After Blythe had previously already posted the bail of about $200,000, the Czech legal system still denied Blythe to leave prison. A journalist from an English newspaper in the Czech Republic stated:

Blythe has not been denied bail, but rather, the bail has been challenged by the state prosecutor. I know this seems strange — in most other countries, you post bail and then you’re released. Bail in the Czech Republic is subject to appeal, which is what happened here.

The court hearing has been set for Thursday, so that will be the earliest date by which there is even the slightest chance of Blythe being released from prison. His fellow band members were directed to leave the country as soon as they could and have since declined to comment on what is happening to their front man at the moment.

[via Times Dispatch]

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