Scott Weiland’s ex-wife files documents to claim executor of his will

Posted by on January 6, 2016

If you thought 2016 was going to be year where nothing new would be said about Scott Weiland, you were wrong. Despite his passing a month ago from a drug overdose, there’s seems to be no end in sight as to his affairs and the latest involves the wealth he acquired throughout his career.

A few years before Stone Temple Pilots’ initial breakup, Weiland got married to model Mary Forsberg, the mother of his two children Noah and Lucy and the one who wrote the emotional letter regarding their time together and how his life affected their marriage and led to their divorce. Weiland eventually got married to his third wife Jamie Wachtel in 2013 but before that, he made Forsberg the executor of his will, which was never updated, according to People:

“The former Stone Temple Pilots singer’s ex-wife Mary Forsberg filed court documents on Dec. 30 asking to be named the executor of Weiland’s will (Weiland was married to his third wife Jamie Wachtel at the time of his death). Forsberg also filed a copy of the will, written in April 2007, with his signature as proof, according to papers obtained by PEOPLE.

“Weiland had about $2 million to his estate, and also created a trust that has undisclosed assets.”

Considering how hectic Weiland’s life became in the past few years, it’s really no surprise he forgot to update his will to at least include his latest wife. Maybe Weiland was fully aware of it and still decided to leave his estate to Forsberg as she’s the mother of his children, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

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