Scott Stapp sued for $1.2 million by Art of Anarchy

Posted by on February 20, 2018

Art of Anarchy hasn’t had an easy run as a band. The band, which features former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Disturbed bassist John Moyer and brothers Jon and Vince Votta, launched a few years back with Scott Weiland as their featured vocalist. Obviously, that didn’t work out, but even before Weiland’s death, there were lawsuits, with Weiland saying that he had no idea who the band was, and that it was a scam. He said that despite the fact that he’d filmed a video with the band. After a while, the band seemed to move on, getting a new singer – former Creed singer Scott Stapp. In promoting the band’s second album, Stapp spoke to GQ, saaying that he was visited by the ghost of Weiland. And while he says that the ghost urged him to not follow in his footsteps down a road of drugs and alcohol, perhaps the ghost also told him to ghost Art of Anarchy, as the band is now suing him for $1.2 million.

SIlive.com reports that the lawsuit, filed by the Votta brothers in Staten Island on behalf of their business, Vice Inc., alleges that Stapp refused to appear in music video or at concerts with the band. While the band’s sophomore album, The Madness, was released last year, the suit alleges that after an April tour, they were suppose to appear on the “Make America Rock Again” tour from August to October, but Stapp apparently didn’t talk up the band and appeared on the tour as a solo act. The band was dropped from Century Media in October. And it’s unclear whether Art of Anarchy will soldier on, but they should probably avoid anyone named Scott if they do.

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