The embattled (and for now, former) AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd plead guilty last month to threatening to kill his former assistant, and has now opened up in a video interview with A Current Affair about his current situation.

Rudd spoke of his former band-mates, who are out on tour:

“I’m sure they’re having a great old time. I’m sure they’re really enjoying playing. I’m sure it really sounds great.

There’ll be another tour and another and I’ll be on it. It’ll go until we all die. We’ll probably all have to be dead before it stops.”

Or at least, “not in jail.” He goes on to say that eventually rejoining AC/DC is not up to him, but rather Angus Young, the lone remaining co-founding member of the band.

Rudd is hoping for a, “discharge without a conviction,” and that, “we all make mistakes.”