Nearly four years after Slipknot bassist Paul Gray’s death, the doctor that prescribed him some of the medicine that helped lead to his overdose was acquitted of all charges in his involuntary manslaughter case. Gray was one of nine patients that he was being tried for the death of. The Des-Moines Register reports that Baldi wants to return to work following his acquittal, which was handed down following two days of jury deliberation.

While prosecutors alleged that Baldi overprescribed medications to patients that were addicted to them. However, his defense lawyer, Guy Cook, was able to show that none of the patients that died had high levels of drugs prescribed by Baldi. When Gray’s widow Brenna took the stand a few weeks ago, Cook pointed out that the bassist overdosed from fentanyl and morphine, neither of which Baldi prescribed.

Following his acquittal, Baldi commented to reporters outside the courthouse “I can turn this chapter over and start another part of my life… I love practicing. I love medicine. And I love everything that’s associated with it.”