Scott Reeder Comments On Kyuss Lives! Lawsuit; Nick Oliveri Pleads Not Guilty

Posted by on March 12, 2012

Those who weren’t near a computer this past weekend are likely learning about Josh Homme and Scott Reeder’s lawsuit against Kyuss Lives! for the first time this morning. Yet the suit still comes as a sad surprise to many. Why are Homme and Reeder suing over trademark infringement and consumer fraud two years after three fourths of Kyuss started touring together? Well, according to Reeder, he was “forced to react.”

In a posting made on his Facebook account, Reeder (who last year filled in for bassist Nick Oliveri on numerous occasions) said the following on the unfortunate situation:

“Maaaaaaan, I’ve been called every foul name in the book, and all I did was make a choice to stand up to defend and retain small rights that I should be able to keep sacred and unhindered for the rest of my life and beyond. I didn’t have much of a choice: lose all of the rights in two weeks, or keep them forever. I didn’t choose to be in this situation at all — I was forced to react very quickly with a looming deadline, and it’s been rough. I saw people bitterly divided over this stupid stuff… crazy. But the overwhelming support from friends and family was very much appreciated and needed. Thank you.”

In the original statement released regarding the suit, the two former Kyuss members claimed that “Kyuss Lives! management and band had filed federal documents in 2011 in an attempt to steal the name Kyuss.” It’s unclear how exactly the lawsuit will affect Kyuss Lives!’s upcoming live album, as well the studio album drummer Brant Bjork told us the band would start work on right around now. Hopefully this will get resolved soon without turning any uglier.

However, a lawsuit over Kyuss’ name is the least of Nick Oliveri’s problems.  Despite continuing to tour with Kyuss Lives!, the bassist has been dealing with the aftermath of his S.W.A.T. team standoff. If convicted, he could spend up to 15 years behind bars. And according to TMZ, Oliveri is pleading not guilty to all charges. Considering the consequences, it’s understandable that Oliveri will want to prove his innocence. However, after hearing a good chunk of the details behind the incident, it may be a hard case for Oliveri to make. At least he can be thankful that Homme and Reeder didn’t name him in their lawsuit.

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