Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Charged With Child Sex Offenses [UPDATE]

Posted by on December 19, 2012

According to the BBC and Noisey, Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has been charged with sex offences against children. Police in South Wales have reportedly charged the singer with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a female under 13, as well as possession/distribution of indecent images of children.

Watkins, who founded the popular UK rock group in 1997, is expected to appear before a magistrates’ court in Cardiff Bay today, December 19. Two additional women (ages 20 and 24) have also apparently been charged with similar offenses, though it remains unclear what their relation is to Watkins. An official statement from the Lostprophets’ camp has yet to be made.

UPDATE: And the story just got worse. According to The Independent, Mirror and BBC, Watkins is being charged for conspiring with a woman to rape a one-year-old girl. He is also being accused of two incidents of conspiring to engage in sexual touching with two young children; possessing, making and distributing indecent images; and possessing “extreme” animal pornography. Though defending barrister Tom Crowther said his client is denying the charges, the singer was remanded in custody while appearing in court and will appear before Cardiff Crown Court on December 31 (along with the two women who were charged with similar offenses).

We will keep you posted as more develops in this breaking story.


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