Last month, it was revealed that police in Czech Republic completed its investigation on Randy Blythe regarding the death of a fan two years ago at a Lamb Of God show in Prague. It was only a matter of time till the prosecutor determined whether to move forward with indicting the Lamb Of God singer with Manslaughter charges. Now we know that the answer is yes.

According to Czech news portal, the State Attorney’s Office in Prague officially indicted Blythe on a manslaughter charge this past Friday (November 30). The court reportedly now has three months to set a date for the singer’s trial or send the case back for further investigation. In other words, it’s still unclear as to when the singer will have to return to Prague for the court trial, though it’s looking more likely that he’ll have to return at some point. He’s stated from the beginning that he’ll return for a trial. Either way, it’s safe to say that the case will continue to be dragged out longer.