Well, this is terrible. Greg Ginn, who co-founded Black Flag, has been accused of child abuse by his former wife, Marina Ginn. An affadavit signed on October 10 accuses him of child abuse including food deprivation, threats of physical violence, and sexual harassment of their two daughters, age 10 and 7. It asks for an Emergency Motion to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship.” According to the affidavit, youngest daughter was hospitalized last week for stress and anxiety, and has suffered seizures, chest pains and difficulty breathing.

The affidavit signed by Marina says that her ex-husband abuses alcohol and drugs in front of them. She claims that her daughters are forced to clean until 2am. and are locked in a room. She also claimed that Ginn would feed his daughters lettuce and vinegar or vegetable soup him telling them”you’re hot” and whistling at them. He also allegedly refuses to let them go to public school, home schooling them instead. It also states that there have been physical altercations involving their father, which they’ve heard. While the veracity of the affidavit, which Consequence of Sound attained, has been verified by Marina, there’s been no response from the Black Flag camp yet.