unlockingthetruthRemember when Brooklyn teen trio Unlocking the Truth got signed to Sony for $1.7 million? That was two years ago, and we were skeptical about it then, as were many other in the music industry and press. Nine months later, there was nothing to show for it but a documentary, Breaking A Monster, and it was reported that at the premiere of that doc, vocalist/guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse said the band was already trying to get out of the contract. Since last year, we didn’t hear much from the band – until today, as it’s been announced that the band’s debut full length album, Chaos, will be released in June.

The album, produced by Johnny K, will be self-released via Tunecore on June 17th. That’s a far cry from Sony, but it suggests that the band were successfully able to extract themselves from their contract. They would’ve had to sell 250,000 copies of their EP to make any money from it via Sony. With Tunecore, you’re only paying an initial fee per year for an album, and the rest is pure profit. And while the band appear to be grizzled vets and have already been through the major label ringer, it’s important to remember that they’re still only 15 and 14 years old. Here’s what Brickhouse has to say about their debut album:

“We can’t wait for everyone to hear our album. We’ve worked very hard to give the fans something they’ll love and never forget. We hope they are able to relate to the songs the way that we do and have the time of their lives listening to them. We know that this album will blow you guys away.”

The band will be playing the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival on Saturday, April 16th.

[via BW&BK]