Windrunner on Vietnam metal scene & their next chapter after parting ways with vocalist Duong Bui

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Vietinamese metallers Windrunner’s new EP Sen was released this past Friday (23rd) via Famined Records (order here). The EP is a re-imaging of six tracks from the progressive metalcore outfit’s debut record Mai. This particular release is somewhat bittersweet for the group as the band have recently parted ways with vocalist Duong Bui. 

The band issued the following statement:

With heavy hearts, we announce that our vocalist Duong Bui will be parting ways with WINDRUNNER. On the bright side, Duong is pursuing higher education and we can’t be happier for her. We have grown up together as people and musicians and this chapter will be among the best of our lives. What a crazy and beautiful ride it has been. We thank everybody who has helped us in any way to achieve so much during this time.

All the best to one of the strongest women we know, you will always be a part of the WR family 

For the rest of us, stay tuned for what’s next.”

Duong added:

“Hi guys, it’s Duong. It’s been the greatest journey I’ve been through with the boys in WINDRUNNER and I’m heartbroken to leave. We’ve had tons of fun, emotional and serious moments with each other as a family and as musicians, inspiring one another to write a lot of music together. I am honored that my voice and soul are a part of our music. We’ve been through so much hardship together like all young people, and we all feel so blessed to be able to experience so many cool things, meet new friends and perform at many amazing places for the best audiences together. I will forever treasure those moments we had and the music that we created as the best chapter of our youth.

No matter what happens, I believe the band will continue to surprise you with WINDRUNNER’s music, and I will always be there to support my boys. And about me, I will never stop making music and doing vocals regardless of where I am, so you might see me again in no time. 

I wish WINDRUNNER’s boys all the best!

I want to say thank you to all the brothers and sisters, all the friends and people who supported us along the way. You made us feel like the luckiest musicians!

From Duong with all the love.“


Following this significant change, we caught up with the group to talk more about the next chapter of Windrunner:

Can you discuss the process for the new EP SEN?

We chose a few songs that we really loved from MAI but that weren’t as popular, and also of course the popular ones. Basically, we sat down together to talk about how we would want to “remix” these songs and Trung would come up with a draft that everyone could contribute in. It was a pretty easy and smooth process. One of our talented friends D.A also contributed to the remix of 2 songs, we have known each other ever since we started playing music and even though he’s not in a metal band any more, he still loves the genre so it was a breeze working with him.

Is there anything you can share about Duong’s departure and what your next steps are?

We have been through so much together, even before we started WINDRUNNER, so we’re like a family. We’re so happy for her now that she can pursue a higher education and achieve more and more in life. We will continue to support each other no matter what. The band will continue on so look out for what’s next.

What was the overall experience creating the video for “Cedar?”

It was really fun and a bit therapeutic to be honest. We feel like being in a band, being able to sustain it and keep on playing, is almost like a game, there’s always that next challenge. So it’s important to stay positive and cherish the moments.



Is there a reason why you decided to create a non metal version of the song?

We like to experiment with our songs and write alternate versions all the time. Our song “Rose” probably has more than 5 different versions before we settled on the one on MAI. So naturally we were always thinking about how our songs can sound different. 


What is the metal scene like in Vietnam?

Metal, heavy or rock music in general is not native to Vietnamese culture, it was introduced only a few decades ago, so the scene is still small but definitely growing. We try to help bring more international bands to Vietnam while also helping local bands build a tight knit community. There is a lot of talent and hopefully more and more bands will come out of Vietnam in the near future.

Any plans on heading out to North America or Europe?

That is definitely one of our dreams so we’re still looking for the best opportunities. Hopefully it will happen soon!

Is there anything you would like to say about your overall next chapter?

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years. The next chapter will be different, but it will still be WINDRUNNER and we look forward to your continued support!


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