What Are You Playing? Jesse Liu Of Chthonic

Posted by on March 7, 2013

Welcome to Metal Insider’s video game column, What Are You Playing? This week, we speak with guitarist Jesse Liu of Chthonic.

Earlier this year, the Taiwanese metal group teamed up with Chun-Mu Mediatek to create their very own mobile app. Titled Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher, its a rhythm game that features 12 of Chthonic’s songs. As to why Chthonic, Chun Mu Mediatek’s art director Scott Chen explained to us, “We’re heavy game players and also produce games for our clients. One day we thought why not make a game for ourselves, which has the music we love? So we contacted Chthonic through their art director and friend of mine — Oink Chen, and brought our proposal to them.”

Liu took a moment to talk with us about Chthonic’s involvement with the game’s development, getting the chance to challenge fans “live battle” at Rockaholic in Tokyo on March 8, how recording for the band’s new album has been going, and (of course) what video games he has been playing as of late.


Chthonic recently released their own mobile app game, Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher. Do you and the band play video/computer games quite often? What game are you playing actively now?

I think I’m the only one who plays a lot of games on the road and at home [laughs]. I’m now very into Far Cry 3, Skyrim and FIFA 13.


What inspired the band to team up with Chun-Mu Mediatek and create Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher?

They are long-time fans and actually found us, and brought up this great idea for the video game.


How involved was Chthonic in the creation of the game?

Well, [we were involved] in song selection, the photo shoot, also making the rhythm notes to match the songs. Oh, and I’m the game tester [laughs].


The band itself will actually be playing the game with fans in a “live battle” being held in Tokyo at Rockaholic on March 8. Any tips on playing the game to new challengers?

Some tips are to focus on the rhythm line and also use all your special power on the top left corner when you have it. That’s the key to winning it.


Moving along to new music, Chthonic has been in the studio with producer Rickard Bengtsson. How has recording for the band’s seventh studio album been going?

The recording was smooth as silk, everything is beyond our expectations. It sounded really cool with all the elements we added this time.


2011’s Takasago Army completed the band’s trilogy that told a story binding the albums Seediq Bale and Mirror Of Retribution. What is the concept or lyrical theme behind the new album?

How about you wait until this summer ? [laughs]


When can fans expect to get their first taste of new music? Is the album still slated for a late 2013 release?

Hopefully early summer if nothing goes wrong.


Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher is now available for download on iTunes. Check out a trailer for the app game below.


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