hessianhobbiesToday is the one day a year we reserve to salute the rockin’ dad. My personal contribution deals with a boombox blasting Motorhead, which my ministry-loving father placed against my mother’s pregnant stomach in 1988. Lemmy himself penetrated the flesh walls of my inner sound studio to welcome me personally into the world of metal, which I’d grow to love unconditionally against all odds. Had it been my mother’s choice, my first exposure probably would been Erasure or Sheena Easton, but my father was my saving grace. The stories and quotes below are from some of the best fathers in the industry. On this day we thank all the dads out there who continue to thrust the death, black, doom greatness on the next generation by any means necessary, this is your day to rock and shine. Happy Father’s Day from us to you.

“When she was eventually allowed to come home, one of the only things that would stop her from crying was the Beatles “Yellow Submarine”. her sobs would come to a dead stop and she would stare into the distance until it was over and then cry again. that was a little girl falling in love with music for the first time.” Keith Buckley, Every Time I Die


“I remember the feeling I got when my son called me for the first time to tell me that he missed me while I was on tour. Being a dad is the most overwhelming thing you will never regret.” ­Jorge “Hoya” Guerra, Madball


“I can recall the day I almost quit playing music. My wife was about 7 months pregnant and we got the contract from Black Market Activities to sign a deal. I told my, then girlfriend, now wife who was carrying our son that it was time for me to settle into fatherhood; stop running around trying to do a thing that would never pan out. When it was time to leave, she broke down into tears. She told me that I couldn’t stop doing the band, that she wouldn’t allow it to happen. She was worried I would resent her and my son, she refused. I knew right there and then that I was going to work my ass off for my family, and there were no shortcuts. Fast forward 6 years, my life is complicated, my band is busier than ever and I am still pushing as hard as I can to be a solid father, husband and musician. My son is easily the best motivation I have ever had to change my life and work hard. There is no better feeling in the world for me, it’s worth every sacrifice, and I’m lucky to have my family. They are perfect.”­ Patrick Sheridan, Fit for An Autopsy


“If I were to sum it up I would say I spent years influencing and performing for kids/fans around the world and thought that would be the most important thing I ever did until I became a dad. Then I realized nothing could ever top being a parent and the chance to influence them and teach them. Parenting is a lot like being in a band for the reason that you have to do what you feel is right and follow your heart. Doesn’t mean everyone always agrees but in the end you do it out of love. Touring and playing music was great but I’ll take hanging with my girls playing Barbies any day over that. Joe Ellis, ex-For the Fallen Dreams 


“My sons favorite bands were The Black Dahlia Murder and Lamb of God. One memory I have from when he was very young maybe 3 or so, I was listening to the local band Beard the Lion and he said, “That guy sounds like a bear, I like it.” From then on the youngster liked all things heavy and powerful, but go figure he’s a teenager now; he listens to Drake and Kanye. I’m not too worried, I think I may have planted that seed. Now my daughter is rock n’ roll all the way. She wants rock n’ roll when we listen to music, and the first kick her mom felt was driving in the car, I was playing The Acacia Strain.”­Myke Read, Infecto Skeletons


“The second I saw my son, first born, it was the happiest day of my life. Luckily, I’ve been able to place myself in a good business perspective in the music industry I’ve been able to do what I love; but now that he’s older and he recognizes what I do for a living it’s rewarding to know that he’s going to impact him.” ­Mike Milford, Modern Empire Recordings