The Iron Roses’ new self-titled album arrived on October 20 via Iodine Recordings, featuring a lineup of passionate and unique individuals, including Nathan Gray (they/them), Becky Fontaine (she/her), Philip “Eugenius” Smith (he/him), Pedro Aida (he/him), Michael Espinosa (he/him), and Steve Cerri (he/him). Their music, driven by the injustices of our times, serves as powerful protest anthems. Metal Insider recently spoke with Fontaine to delve into the details of the new record and to get to know more about the group. 


Can you talk more on how The Iron Roses formed?

This band was formed very painfully over the past 5 years haha. Started out with Nathan’s solo work and just evolved through several different versions until the back up band was no longer backup, and we finally settled on the correct people for the jump forward. 


What was the creative process like for the new album?

A lot of work was done sharing parts online as we all live fairly far from one another. Once we would shape a few songs that way, we would then schedule a group rehearsal to really nail them down, then, to be very honest, the real magic happened in the studio where we started to chop up and reform what we had. 


With Nathan Gray’s background in Boysetsfire, how does their influence shape the creative direction of The Iron Roses?

Nathan’s influence in this band mostly comes from their voice and approach to songwriting, which adds into all the other voices and songwriting. They are one very important part of the whole group. Their former band’s legacy also helped us to have a bit of a better jump off point with bsf fans who were ready to become The Iron Roses fans. 


What themes are explored in the new album?

The album has mostly politically and socially driven themes but done less preachy and slogany and more personal and joyful. It was important to us to not just be another band screeching about politics in an overly self-serving and serious manner. To build protest songs that refused to allow this world to strip away our joy. 


What were some challenges during the recording process?

Six different perspectives are never easy to manage, but if you can do it right… it’s always worth it. 


Can you talk more about the songs “Hearts of Fire” and “Justify The Lies?

Yes! So, these are two of the more reggae-heavy songs on the album along with “The Hustle”. That reggae influence is really part of what has helped us step above and apart from all the other melodic punk-driven bands out there. It came so naturally and honestly with us we just let it run its course. 






Do you have any plans for this year and next you can share with us?

Absolutely!! We are in the process of a short tour now, which started up Richmond, VA and will head to Florida and back again. In December we will be headed to Germany for two weeks. After that, well.. we will see what 2024 has for us soon I’m sure!


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the new album?

We just hope it connects, and so far it seems to have really lit a spark that we need to make sure we nourish and nurture. We are at the very beginning stages of all we will be, so we’re really excited for the future!!!