Although Detroit, Michigan’s Child Bite were formed in 2005, point of origin is of little consequence. With a rotating cast of able players, guitarist-vocalist- founder Shawn Knight has become quite a known quantity in both art rock and metal circles. Driven by a desire to create rather than follow trends or any given formula, Child Bite caught the attention of Housecore Records (Phil Anselmo’s label) and consequently released Negative Noise not-so- coincidentally on April Fools’ Day, earlier this year. It was also preceded by the grossly overlooked Strange Waste EP (2014) which has nine songs and clocks in at only eighteen minutes. Fan of Jesus Lizard? Melvins? Cows? Hammerhead? Jello Biafra? How about Triclops!? Child Bite have something for everyone so you’d best arrive at the Voivod tour dates early to catch everyone on the bill (King Parrot included). Metal Insider learned Shawn is as weird and cool as we thought (if not more).



How has the reaction been since signing to Phil Anselmo’s awesome Housecore records?

So far so good! We like performing in front of human bodies and have noticed that our shows tend to have more of those in attendance than in the past. Is he paying people to watch us?


Why the long pause between the first EP and other releases on other labels?

For the first 5 years, we were either putting out an LP or EP (or 2) every year. Then we just started doing extended plays due to internal line up shifts. Stoked to finally get another album out! Though we tend to be a bit more digestible in small doses; we recommend listening to side A and then taking a walk/nap/bath/whatever before flipping the record.


You sound like a cross between Melvins, Arabrot and Jesus Lizard. Even Buzzo from Melvins is in a video. How many times have you played with them and where?

We’ve never played with Melvins! Sorta kinda once at a festival, but that doesn’t really count. We simply asked and he said yes. Rad dude.


Any tension between between you and older Child Bite members?

I don’t think so! Not on my end at least. I hardly ever see any of them, so it’s pretty easy to remain on good terms. They are all good, creative dudes and I am sure they are doing some new rad shit right about now unless they have died.


You’re on tour with Voivod. That’s some serious bucket list shit.

Yes! It’s gonna be a real treat to watch Voivod every night for a month. We just wrote the Canadian chapter of the Make-A- Wish Foundation, sent them some forged passports and a bunch of lies about how we were all fucked up on some terminal diseases. They bought it hook, line and sinker. Suckers.


Who can we expect as your touring members of Child Bite?

Same as the other version of Child Bite. It’s the dudes on the album playing that material live on stage in your hometown of Buttfuckville, USA. I mean, mostly live, minus a complex series of samplers and triggers that play the music for us. It’s hard to explain. And to put it bluntly I don’t think you’d get it. Kidding. Kidding?


Any songs written for next record?

Not at all! We just wrote and recorded 3 new tunes, but those will probably be for some split 7″s or something. We won’t work on the next album til later this fall or winter. The next one will be live as I need some time to harvest new ideas and am currently brain dead.


You’re on first. Will you stick to new album only or play some rare 7” fare and a bunch of Anal Cunt songs? My friend played with the late Seth Putnam on his original cassette demos. His name is Jason Dancer.

Cool! Mostly playing the new album, plus a song or two from the Strange Waste EP. Nothing too deep or whacky. This is our first tour to support Negative Noise so we wanna do just that. Most of that older shit has been forgotten.


Negative Noise is a fantastic album and you seem to be getting lots of press now. What do you attribute that to?

Press folks seem to pay more attention to full lengths, as does the record buying public in general. Anselmo being attached might help too; he produced the album in addition to releasing it. Maybe folks dig the cover? I really have no clue why anyone cares but it’s nice.


How many times has the band been overseas?

We’ve only been to Europe once, back in 2013. It was great! We did it completely DIY; rented our own van and gear, drove ourselves around, financed flights and everything ourselves. Gonna go back eventually, when the time is right. Maybe next year?


What’s your long-term goals for the band? Yourself? Getting out of Detroit, Michigan?

We’re just gonna keep doing this shit as hard as possible for as long as possible. We like being in Detroit. We like being in this band. It ain’t broke.


Voivod, Child Bite, King Parrot tour dates:

06/01 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
06/02 Los Angeles, CA – The Whisky A Go Go
06/03 Santa Ana, CA – The Underground
06/04 Fresno, CA – Strummers
06/08 San Francisco, CA – Slims
06/09 Eugene, OR – WoW Hall
06/19 Portland, OR – Dante’s
06/11 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
06/12 Victoria, BC – Distrikt
06/13 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
06/15 Calgary, AB – Dickens
06/16 Edmonton, AB – Starlight Room
06/17 Regina, SK – The Exchange
06/18 Winnipeg, MB – Good Will Social Club
06/19 Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks
06/21 London, ON – Call The Office