Howard Jones speaks about his woes upon leaving Killswitch Engage

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Singer Howard Jones, now the vocalist for Devil You Know, recently spoke up about the many troubles he faced during his last few months with Killswitch Engage in the latest issue of Revolver. Apparently, Jones says he was unfit mentally towards the end of his run in Killswitch.

“There was nothing wrong with Killswitch or the relationship. Everything was wrong with me. I was going insane. It never occurred to me to get help. For years, I just tried to fight through it and I was driving those guys berserk. My anxiety was building and building, and near the end, there were a lot of times I’d sit in the back of the bus or lay in my bunk for hours on end without speaking to anyone. Even the idea of having to do a meet and greet freaked me out.”

Jones continued to talk about his missed tour in 2010, where the band instead performed with Phil Labonte of All That Remains, and Jones’ eventual Killswitch replacement, Jesse Leach.

“I physically and mentally couldn’t get onstage. I had a complete mental breakdown. We were in Florida, and over the few days of taking the drive down there, I felt like I was suffering this critical pain. Just the thought of going out in front of people made me panic. I couldn’t do it.”

To add to his mental stress, a pornstar named Allie Foster began to circulate a rumor that Jones had gotten her pregnant around that time. Jones responded by saying he had “no comment,” and that he “knew nothing of what you’re (Revolver) talking about.”

Jones also found out he had Type 2 diabetes, and was forced to change his lifestyle after going into a three day diabetic coma. However, Jones went on to say those dark times seem to be behind him.

“I’m doing fantastic now—better than I have in years. The diabetes is completely under control. I’m doing lots of exercise and eating better than ever and my blood sugar has basically regulated itself. My doctor couldn’t believe it.”

Those that have heard the self-titled album from The Devil You Know, as well as longtime fans of Jones from the Blood Has Been Shed days, are likely happy to have him back.



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