Howard Jones opens up about suicide attempt

Posted by on July 7, 2015

In a recent interview on The Jasta Show, vocalist Howard Jones opens up about the darkness he was dealing with surrounding his exit from Killswitch Engage, and how the situation almost took his life.

Said Jones:

“I remember still living at my old apartment. Someone knew what I was doing and called the police because I almost blew my head off.

I pulled out my .44. I loaded it. I was done. If they hadn’t knocked on the door I was gone. The cops broke down my door and stopped me. Needless to say, I ended up spending a little time in one of the fabled mental institutions.”

Jones, who had been dealing with mental illness, had to miss a tour in 2010, and was officially out of Killswitch Engage in early 2012, replaced by former vocalist Jesse Leach a short time later. Thankfully Jones is doing much better these days, working on album number two with his new band, Devil You Know.

(via Metal Hammer)

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