Highlights of Scott Ian’s AMA

Posted by on February 19, 2014

scottian1Yesterday, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian headed over to Reddit to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA). While it was ostensibly about Ian’s “Speaking Words” tour that kicks off tomorrow, the line of questioning was definitely more towards his band than anything else. While a lot of what he spoke about was covered in our Metal Insider interview with him, and he also kept plugging his book that’s coming out later this year, he was still able to answer some fans’ questions. Here’s some of his answers:

  • His favorite song to play: “In the End”
  • If there’s any chance of S.O.D. (his band with Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker and Billy Milano) material being released: “There is no more. Just in my head.”
  • If there’s anyone he’s still starstruck around: “I still turn into a sweaty 12 year-old around Gene Simmons”
  • On Cliff Burton: “He was an individual and an original. And a funny motherfucker.”
  • His favorite early Metallica memory: “Being in the room with them while they rehearsed Kill Em All with Mustaine was very intense.”
  • His favorite albums from the other three of Big 4: Master of PuppetsReign In BloodKilling Is My Business… And Business Is Good
  • If there was a fifth big 4 band, who would it be: Exodus
  • What his thoughts are on the traditional rock band working cycle (album, tour, break, repeat): “The cycle works for us. We just tend to take more breaks between tours if possible. We also don’t work with a deadline when it comes to writing. We learned after State Of Euphoria to never rush an album again.”
  • Advice he’d give to his younger self: “Shave your head earlier”
  • On a fan’s request to do one more Stephen King-inspired song: “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”
  • On blowing off a fan during the Monsters of Rock show in 1988: “I was a total dick in 1988.”



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