Haste The Day share their most memorable moments in the band

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Metalcore notables Haste The Day have returned some five years after their dissolution.  The band will  release their new album Coward on 5/19 via Solid State Records.  In an unusual move, the album features contributions from all nine Haste The Day members from their 2001-2011 existence.  This  includes both defining vocalists Jimmy Ryan (2002-2005) and Stephen Keech (2006-2011).  In this exclusive guest editorial for Metal Insider four members share their most memorable experience in Haste The Day (to this point).  Catch the band on their limited headlining run in support of the album in NYC, Denver, Pomona and Indianapolis staring later this month. They’ll be at New York City’s Irving Plaza on May 22.  You can find out more about the album and tour here.

Brennan Chaulk (Rhythm guitar/clean vocals 2001-2009):
“My most memorable HTD moment would have to be the day we finally signed our first record deal!  We had been touring relentlessly to try and keep the small buzz we had going for us with our low budget EP. We went through an 11-month negotiation with the label before our lifelong dream finally came true. That’s the moment we became a professional band in it for the long haul!”
Stephen Keech (vocals 2006-2011):
I will never forget when we played “When Everything Falls” at our last show in 2011.  As far as we  knew, it was the last song we would all play together. I think we barely made it through that song. We all made really embarrassing mistakes and we played so sloppy because we were all so overwhelmed by the whole scenario. I tried to stage-dive and then five of my friends ran out and grabbed me and put me on their shoulders.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the emotion, adrenaline, stress, and excitement that went into that show.  I don’t truly believe I’ll ever experience anything like that again.

Mike Murphy (bass/backing vocals 2001-2011)
The most memorable moment of being in Haste The Day was probably our Farewell Show in Indianapolis 2011.  After playing through our encore and hitting the final note, family and friends came on stage to celebrate the journey of the band.  While this was going on, 2000 fans were chanting “Thank You!” for about two minutes straight.  It was a very surreal moment.
Giuseppe A. Capolupo (drums/percussion 2009-2011)
“I’ll always remember all of the countless tours we did as a band.  Doing shows with all of these amazing and now life-long friends.  Some of the experiences I was able to have while touring was being able to play with baby lions while in South Africa (never thought that was a real possibility!).  Surfing in  Sydney, Australia and getting our surf instructor Tim to try root beer for the first time in his life.


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