Five things Mouth For War learned recording ‘Life Cast In Glass’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on April 29, 2021


On May 14th, Mouth For War’s new album, Life Cast In Glass, will arrive via 1126 Records (check out their new single “Slave to Your Ghost” here and pre-order the album at this location). We asked the Colorado metal/hardcore outfit to list five things they learned recording their upcoming record during a pandemic. 

Trae Roberts: Touring is everything in this music game, but learning to push forward during a pandemic was a challenge I didn’t know we needed. Though it was a rough time, it was nice to see how our group could adapt and still thrive without being able to present our art in the most standard way (shows). 

Gabe Moya: Without shows we had an opportunity handed to us to create a fluid album with full concentration. Not being able to play shows hurt our plans to expand but we were able to create something to give people when the world opens up again.

Jonah Starbuck: It’s really easy to get discouraged with being in a band during this pandemic with no live shows, but seeing people’s response to our single definitely made me excited and made me feel like all the work we put into this wasn’t wasted. 

Michael Guglielmi: Being forced to not play shows and tour really showed us it’s what we are meant to do. It made us want to create the best music we’ve written yet. 

Mason Sego: We all approached this record with somewhat of an “attitude.” The pandemic had the entire world frustrated and I believe each of us took the opportunity to take out that frustration on our parts every time Trae hit record.



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