Ziltoid the Omniscient has first radio show

Posted by on August 26, 2013

ziltoidradioHe came to earth in 2007 from Ziltoidia 9 in search of the ultimate cup of coffee. Now it seems like Ziltoid the Omniscient (otherwise known as Devin Townsend) is back, and has decided to return to host a radio show. Of course, like most things, Europe gets it and we don’t, as UK’s Team Rock Radio began airing the show this past Saturday. Then again, we live in an era of instant gratification, so of course a YouTube grab of the show exists, uploaded by Ziltie himself. With Sameal, The Shining and, uh, Owl City all heard within the first 11 minutes, it promises to be a pretty interesting show. Listen to the whole show and you’ll hear everything from Meshuggah to deadmau5, not to mention a late ’90s novelty song that’s now stuck in my head in the worst possible way. Thanks a lot, Ziltoid…



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