Ross Robinson Involved In Limp Bizkit Album

Posted by on January 30, 2013

Well, this certainly isn’t Behemoth. Back in the nu-metal late ’90s, one of producer Ross Robinson’s biggest success stories was Limp Bizkit’s debut album, Three Dollar Bill Y’all$. And according to Bizkit frontmanFred Durst, Robinson is involved in the band’s forthcoming Stampede of the Disco Elephants. Durst posted footage of himself in the studio with the caption “vocals with Ross today in Venice.” The band, or at least Durst and Robinson, are working on Stampede, which will be the band’s seventh album and first for Cash Money Records.

A few random thoughts:

  • This album could be Limp Bizkit’s Chinese Democracy. It’s had a name for over a year now. Either they’re really working on crafting the best album they can make, or they’ve been slacking off for a year. And like Democracy, it’s hard to imagine anyone caring all that much.
  • It’s a pretty savvy move to include Robinson. Not that there’s a ton of nostalgia for Limp Bizkit just yet, but if anyone can capture the zeitgeist of what the band used to have, it’s the guy that produced their first album
  • Fred Durst is definitely on the cutting edge of social media. Twitter’s new video clip site Vine isn’t even a week old and he’s already on it. Wonder why?

There’s no word yet on when the album will be out, but a tune has already leaked from it. Check it out here if you hate yourself.

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