Phil Anselmo comments on Corey Mitchell’s passing

Posted by on October 28, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.42.45 AMThe metal and Austin community was shaken to its core with the news of Corey Mitchell’s passing. Some more details of his death, which happened just one day after the second annual Housecore Horror Film Festival, have emerged. The founder of the festival, Mitchell, 47, was loading equipment into his car from Emo’s with a fan. Kate Richardson, partner of Philip H. Anselmo, told the Austin Chronicle that the fan heard a thud and turned around and saw Mitchell on his knees, then he fell all the way down. The fan got him on his side and called for help. Anselmo spoke to the Chronicle about his Housecore Horror Film Festival partner and biographer:

”We’re really just still in shock,” said Anselmo, who we reached by phone. “After Danzig was done, Corey and I got up on stage and thanked all the bands and all the fans, the filmmakers, and the Texas Chain Saw people. It’s all just horrifically surreal. This one hurts, man. They all do, but this has a special kind of hurt to it. The event was such a blast, such a success, and everybody had such a great time. Nobody worked as hard as Corey. He believed in it so fucking much. He fought for it every inch of the way. It’s like lightning striking, man, you just never know.

Mitchell leaves behind a wife, Audra, and two daughters, Emma and Sabrina.

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