When people discovered that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones were creating a group, jaws dropped. Well if you thought Them Crooked Vultures couldn’t be any bigger of a supergroup, imagine what could have been if a certain Beatle got involved.

According to UK tabloid the Daily Mail, Sir Paul McCartney showed interest in joining the band when he and Grohl discussed the project during dinner after their Grammy performance together last year:

“We went out for a bite to eat afterwards and Dave told me he was starting this band with Josh. I asked him who was playing bass and he rather sheepishly told me he’d approached John. So you read it here first; Paul McCartney was nearly the bass player in Them Crooked Vultures. Actually, I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened but it’s an interesting project.”

Keep in mind, the Daily Mail isn’t the least sensationalistic paper out there, so take all this with a grain of salt. Still, imagine what that alternate reality would have been like.