GWAR’s Oderus Asks Hellyeah “How Do Those Fat, Stupid Dudes From Texas Ever Come Up With Something So Awesome?”; Hellyeah Responds

Posted by on April 27, 2012


Oderus Urungus has always been very vocal about his dislikes. Take, for example, his comments about Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. And during GWAR’s show in Buffalo, NY Wednesday night (April 25), the frontman took aim at another band: Hellyeah.

You can watch video of his rant before introducing “death” himself above [Update: the video has been made “private” but can be seen here] , but here’s what Oderus had to say regarding Hellyeah onstage:

“How about that new Hellyeah record? Pretty good, huh? What a great name for a band, HELLYEAH. That’s so awesome. How do those fat, stupid dudes from texas ever come up with something so awesome? I want to know how that dumb ass, ignorant, inbred fucks ever come up with such an amazing idea as HELLYEAH. WOW! Stephen Hawking, move over!”

As you can imagine, Oderus’ comments have already made its way around the web. In fact, Hellyeah themselves got wind of it, and tweeted the following:

“We”d like to thank Gwar”s lead singer for talking shit about us at one of their shows. Classy guy…yay you! #hellyeah”

However, Oderus felt that clarification was needed, thus tweeting:

“I didn’t talk shit about #HellYeah. I just really hate their music. My opinion.”

He further admitted via Twitter that GWAR has gotten their fair share of criticism over the years, but that it doesn’t bother him at the very least. He also went on to further clarify that there was no beef between GWAR and Hellyeah, and that he simply just hates their music.

As any GWAR fan knows, Oderus and the band are not shy to voice their dislike for fellow musicians or other celebrities (both onstage and off). Hellyeah should at least be thankful that they didn’t end up like Snooki or Marilyn Manson during a GWAR show… yet.


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