If you read Metal Insider on a regular basis, then you already know how ecstatic we’ve been about Refused’s reunion. And while we know we’re not alone, it turns out that not everyone is pleased with the Swedish post-hardcore group’s return; namely, Terror’s Scott Vogel.

During their set at the Groezrock in Meerhout, Belgium, the Terror frontman revealed that he is not as enthusiastic as most people about Refused’s return to the stage. Making the situation a little more awkward is that the comments took place just a few hours before Refused performed on the same stage. You can watch video of Vogel’s rant above, but here’s what he had to say (as transcribed by Metal Sucks):

“A lot of bands that come around, they do their thing, they tell you how much they care, they write their songs, they write their lyrics, [and a]  couple of years later, they disappear. They disappear, they don’t go to shows, they don’t support new bands, they don’t buy demos, they don’t give a fuck about me or you. But for some reason, we give them the mighty dollar to come back and play for us, a fake shell of what they once were. And yes, I’m talking about Refused. If you wanna support Refused, that’s up to you, but I don’t support that shit!”

While he does take aim at Refused, Vogel’s comments could be looked at in different ways. Either he really does have a personal beef with the Swedish band, or he’s more so venting about reunions in general (i.e. bands who break up should stay that way). There may be many who agree with Vogel, but we also know a crap load of others who are thankful that Refused are back.

Watch Vogel’s comments about Refused for yourself in the video above.

[via The PRP and Stuff You Will Hate by way of Metal Sucks]