5 Beers Deep with Wilson’s Matt Puhy

Posted by on October 2, 2013

WILSON_HiRes_2013Detroit’s own Wilson has been on the road with Scorpion Child, Kadavar, Gypsyhawk, and Mothership. And while they’re a hard working band, they’re equally hard partiers. So rather than have them provide a typical report from the road, we’re having members of Wilson provide a recap of the tour…with five beers in their system. First up is drummer Matt Puhy during the tour’s stops in Texas. See what hazy recollections Puhy can offer , and make sure to check Wilson out on the remainder of the tour (which comes to an end this weekend).

I am drunk right now so please don’t expect specific details and proper grammar. Over the last few weeks we have cross crossed around the country and a booze infused shit fest with our newest drinking buddies, Scorpion child, Kadavar, Gypsyhawk, and mothership. This has been pants down one of my favorite tours so far for more than a few reasons. The first and foremost would be the music. Each one of these bands have their own unique sound, and all put on an amazing show every night. We are very lucky to share the stage with all these bands, because they are true blue, fuck you, no bullshit, in your face, rock n roll. Reason the second would be all the new cities and legendary venues that I’ve wanted to visit and play in since before I had pubes.

Seattle, Vancouver, Austin, San Fransisco, and Portland were all first times for me, and they all lived up to the hype.  I got to see some sights, eat some great food, which helped to curb the hangover from the previous nights shit fest, gaze in awe at all the gorgeous women, and then of course, hit the closest dive bar and or liquor store to take in the local libations aka a fuck ton of whiskey. We are currently on our last day of a three day stretch through Texas which has been like playing a home show every night, so I’m gonna go take some shots eat a sandwhich, and do my thing. Cheers cheers to five more beers, crack that bottle and let’s do the no pants dance…

Cause it’s party time.


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