Hammet Vs. Child Resolved, They Remain ‘Good Friends’

Posted by on November 18, 2010

If you’ve checked in with Metal Insider for the past week, then you’ve probably seen at least one version of the “Hammett vs. Child” video. Well, seeing as how it’s the Metallica guitarist’s birthday today, we thought we’d share some relatively positive news regarding the incident. Metallica has released a statement regarding the incident and also provide a picture of Hammett and the little girl (who turns out to be the stage manager and dressing coordinator’s daughter) just to prove that there’s no hard feelings between the two. The picture is so adorable that there is really no more that can be said about the incident. In other words, this is officially the last we will write about it (pinky promise).

The statement Metallica released read as the following:

“Some of you will have seen on YouTube (or read in some reports) that Kirk knocked a small child offstage by kicking a beachball at her. That little lady is the daughter of the stage manager and dressing coordinator, who are fortunate to travel as a family on this tour. She was thoroughly enjoying watching the beachballs drop from the rafters, Kirk was thoroughly enjoying kicking the beachballs off the stage and back into the crowd as has been done every night on the tour, and neither of them saw the other. The poor wee one happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wasn’t hurt. She didn’t go ‘flying several feet into the audience.’ And Kirk and she remain good buddies. It’s very cool that everyone showed concern and support though, so we just wanted to say ‘it’s all good’ and thanks for asking.”

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