Metal chef John Hurkes returns with Nuclear Assault nachos

Posted by on January 28, 2015

Perfect-Pairings-Nuclear-Nachos-Chef-John-HurkesRemember the Slayer pizza? Really, how could you not? Any pizza that’s cut into a pentagram instantly makes it more devilishly delicious that it already was. Chef John Hurkes has made a few more metal-themed dishes, including Exodus pork belly and Down’s temptation’s wings and waffles. But he might have outdone himself with his latest creation – Nuclear Assault Nachos.

Paired with the band’s 1988 album Survive, the nachos look pretty similar to it’s album cover, with nacho cheese spilling from a can that looks not unlike one of the nuclear reactors on the cover, and pig confit and more cheese approximating the color palate. Hurkes’ tasting notes, as explained on Rice and Bread Magazine, bring it all home, especially if you’re a fan of the album:

Tasting notes: I won’t cook to help keep the Dow Jones out of the red. These New York-style nachos are assembled for only two reasons; ’80s speed metal and liberty! The food-cost analysis is “F#”reedom. Moshing on the “Wired” metal pan, the multi-continental chips are pepper sprayed as the pork is blasted with a Searzall flamethrower. Rising up from the cheese reactor, Dan Lilker’s boiling bass lines collide with towering French fries and caustic potato chips. The shredding guitars and aural assault of legendary vocalist John Connelly shrieking “Equal Rights” leads this nacho protest. Your fingers are the warheads that destroys this mess. Pair this dish with a high-tech fireball Manhattan cocktail and you got a feast to Survive. (And if you want the nacho vegetarian, ditch the pork for some black beans.) Believe what you smell, believe what you eat; it’s time to stand up and cook to be free!

We want these in our mouth right now.


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