Reign in Food: Check out the Slayer pizza

Posted by on September 16, 2014

slayerpizzaA great chef is like a great artist, willing to experiment and be creative for the sake of their craft. That’s why Chef John Hurkes has come up with the Slayer pizza. To be paired with Reign in Blood, of course, the recipe popped up on food and music blog Rice and Bread yesterday. Aside from the way it’s cut, which is, of course, in a pentagram, the piece de resistance is that it’s splattered with an “altar wine gastrique,” which looks a hell of a lot like blood. The chef also suggests a crust of communion wafers, which will take a long time and many church visits to save up. The chef, obviously a Slayer fan, throws in some puns like “raining blood from a lacerated pie” and “the only way to eat it is going piece by piece,” which is actually the only way you eat any kind of pizza. The pie itself looks pretty delicious, consisting of the following ingredients:

 Chopped Fra Mani toscano, soppressata, finocchiona, Cypress Grove “Lamb Chopper” cheese, house marinara, signature communion wafer crust, and an altar wine gastrique.

According to Hurkes’ Facebook page, he’s a chef in Minneapolis at a place called The Bulldog N.E. No word on if they serve the Slayer pizza there, but they might want to start after this.

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