Slayer pizza chef returns with Down ‘Temptation’s Wings and Waffles’

Posted by on December 3, 2014

John Hurkes came to the attention of metal and food fans everywhere with his Slayer pizza. Then he came back with Exodus pork belly. And it’s hard to keep a good metal chef down, so he’s returned with his latest creation, this one centered around everyone’s favorite New Orleans supergroup, Down. His “Temptation’s Wings & Waffles” look absolutely delicious, and listen to what’s they consist of:

“Southern-fried chicken wings, tobacco onions and whiskey waffles buried in smoked-bacon-bourbon maple syrup and herb butter.” Okay, we could probably do without the “tobacco onions,” but everything else sounds pretty fantastic, and as you can see, it’s presented extremely well too..

As always, Hurkes throws plenty of puns in his tasting notes, many of them Down and New Orleans-related, on the Rice and Bread Magazine site:

This (dis)comforting meal could send you either to the bayou from beyond or back to “Rehab.” The wings are shaken in flour, seasoned, and Pepper-ed by the riff masters from New Orleans, Louisana. With the hammering of drums, the waffles are beat together like “Pillars of Eternity” and bloom into a fortress of monolithic tones. Thick riffs wade through a hot whiskey swamp as bluesy guitar solos are picked to the bone. In my mouth tastes bitter sweet syrup. Riding on a waffle ship, the strong, aromatic herb butter sails through a riff-raff of tobacco onions like a howling, pissed off Phillip H. Anselmo. Temptation’s Wings & Waffles could probably be paired with some kind of fancy craft beer, however a Coor’s Light takes you down the high road. With the epic and final crushing grooves of this album, you’ll bang along with drummer Jimmy Bower, fork and knife to the waffles. When I eat, “Bury Me in Smoke”!

We’re not sure if Hurkes is serving this at Minneapolis restaurant The Bulldog N.E. where he works, but it might be worth stopping by to give him props.

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