Slayer pizza chef returns with Exodus pork belly

Posted by on October 21, 2014

Exodus-Perfect-Pairings-We already know that Chef John Hurkes likes metal, but he must really like Gary Holt. The chef, who came up with Slayer pizza last month has returned with his Exodus pork belly blood feast. If that sounds like a little too much blood, you’re simply not that metal. He reached out to us saying “After almost breaking my wrists stone grinding hundreds of communion wafers for the Slayer Pizza, the Exodus Blood Feast was crafted as my thrashtastic follow-up.” As displayed on food/music blog Rice and Bread, Hurkes’ latest metal creation is described as such:

Fire-roasted pork belly crusted with Black Carbon salt harvested from the Dead Sea, grilled and thrashed blackberry-infused blood-sausage puree, smoke-poached egg yolks, purple fingerling potatoes, seared orange, and wasabi micro greens.

And of course Hurkes makes it sound way more metal than any pork belly recipe has the right to, with a “Salt the Wound” reference, with Hurkes calling the dish a “thrash-metal collision that will leave your tastebuds screeching like the return of vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza after a 10-year sleep.”

Yeah, if we were in Minneapolis, we’d definitely want to try it out. Hell, we’re not and we still want to try it out. And Hurke seems to be enjoying the notoriety he got from his Slayer concoction. “Ever since making the Slayer pizza, every Sunday sabbath, everything in my kitchen breaks,” he says. “It’s the curse of the Slayer pizza. Physically, I can report no ill side effects from eating the 350 communion wafer pizza, except a sore neck… from the head banging!” As a comedian, Hurkes makes a great chef, but we’ll forgive him because his culinary creations look amazing.

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