Photos and footage from ‘Lords of Chaos’ film set surface

Posted by on November 21, 2016


Last week, we shortly turned our website into Metallica Insider due to the massive media coverage we did for the release of every music video made for their new album Hardwire… To Self Destruct. Among the several music videos released, the one that made it to almost every media outlet was “ManUnkind” which featured a live performance of a black metal-looking band, just to later find out it was a preview from that Lords of Chaos film we’ve talked in the past.

To give proper coverage on the release of the film, Norwegian film site Filter Film og TV has posted some photos and video from the film’s set in Oslo, Norway. As we don’t speak Norwegian and our friends at MetalSucks.net already did the dirty work of using google translate, here’s the rough transcript of what the report says:

It is also evident that [film director and former Bathory drummer Jonas] Åkerlund is concerned with period details: extras are dressed in nittitallsgevanter and a hair salon in the street is for the occasion turned into “Nordnes video store.” In the scene that was recorded today, “Count” goes out of the video store and sits in a car.

It leads us to suspect that Oslo is in this case stand-in for Bergen since Vikernes rented a movie there the day before the murder to substantiate that he had been at home when the murder happened.

The video has created a lot of controversy in regards the film, which many have expressed their opposition towards it, including Mayhem’s Necrobutcher who promised to do “everything he can to stop the film,” or Darkthrone’s Fenriz who would like to have Reese Witherspoon portraying him. Either way, the films seems to be already in motion and you can take a look at some footage and images from the set below:

lords-of-chaos-1 lords-of-chaos-2 lords-of-chaos-3 lords-of-chaos-4

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