Yesterday, you may recall reading a piece we did about the hard rock cruise ShipRocked. In the article, we discussed a few differences we believed existed between ShipRocked and another metal cruise, 70,000 Tons Of Metal. However, we recognize that not everyone may share our observations on the two cruises, including Alan Koenig, owner of the ShipRocked cruise festival. Being the awesome sport he is, though, Koenig was kind enough to share with us his thoughts on our points about the two metal/rock themed cruises. Here’s what he had to say:

First, His Response To ShipRocked’s Lineup Featuring Less Heavier Acts: “I would contend that both Sevendust and In This Moment rock pretty damn hard (and we’re not done adding acts). Though I would agree they’re no Saxon *rolls eyes*. Two final words on the matter: Vinnie. Paul.”

On ShipRocked’s Beer Consumption: “It’s actually the liquor that sells out first on ShipRocked. The ship know’s damn well not to understock the beer.”

On ShipRocked’s Female Audience: “What’s wrong with a ship full of crazy bitches? I would refer you to the cause and effect of my previous sentence.”

On The Nationionality Of ShipRocked’s Attendees: “We’ve had passengers from every continent (save Antarctica) on our cruise. However, we are generally too busy with the aforementioned crazy bitches to be bothered with bean counting the countries.”

On The Cruise’s Jacuzzis: “MSC Cruises has one of the highest ratings when it comes to ship cleanliness and the environment. Try as we might to muck things up, they keep the hot tubs pretty spectacular.”

On The Average Attendees’ Weight: “Weight… as I look down upon my own gut, I have no moral high ground to challenge your point.”

Final Thoughts: “I heard 70k tons was fun, but we’ve got 90k tons under our feet onboard ShipRocked… Hope you’ll join us.”

Major thanks to Alan Koenig for his response! After reading it, I’m convinced that anyone who loves alcohol, crazy bitches and hard rock music will have a blast on this cruise. And who wouldn’t love to combine those three things while on a boat?! You can visit ShipRocked’s official website to learn more about the hard rocking cruise.