East Coast Tsunami Festival 2012 Lineup And Details Announced

Posted by on August 1, 2012

We just hit August and there are still many summer festivals to attend in the upcoming weeks, including Slipknot’s Knotfest (which has Machine Head as the newest addition to its lineup). But the festival fun doesn’t end there, since new details regarding the East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 have just been released, and this year it will take place in September.

But let’s talk bands first. Among others, Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Cro-mags, D.R.I., H20, Agnostic Front, and Vision Of Disorder, as well as 23 other bands will be playing. We will list the entire lineup at the end of this article. There is no information yet if there will be a live stream like there was last year.

The date has been set back to September 29 and 30, 2012. In the previous years, the festival took place early in the summer. Chris Mahmood of OTW Booking, who newly joined the East Coast Tsunami Fest team of organizers, explains the date change as follows:

We moved the fest to Sept this year because there are just so many fests during the summer. We know that people had tight budgets so we wanted to move it to the fall and have a very low ticket price to see all these great bands.

Said very low ticket prices will be $35 for a daily pass and $60 for the entire weekend, which in comparison to some other festivals really isn’t expensive. The tickets have been on sale since 10AM EST today. Get yours on the festival’s official website, or check out the full lineup first – after the jump:

Saturday, September 29

Vision Of Disorder
One Life Crew
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
The Casualties
Strength For A Reason
No Turning Back
The Mongoloids
Vehement Serenade
Choose Your Weapon
Reason To Fight
Pleasant Living
Ante Up

Sunday, September 30

Sick Of It All
Agnostic Front
Dysphoria Born Low
Sai Nam
Sicker Than Most
Not Till Death

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