blacksabbathconverse2It’s not uncommon these days for shoe companies like Converse  or Vans to put out sneakers adorned with the artwork of famous metal albums. And now we’re about to get more, this time from the one and only Black Sabbath. The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath Collection features not one, not two, but four different designs based on the Ozzy era albums. These include Black Sabbath (pictured on the right), Paranoid, Vol. 4, and  Never Say Die!. Also, the liners for the shoes feature a different pattern for each one. The Black Sabbath one, for example, has the band name in the same font from the album cover while Vol. 4 features photos of the original line-up.

The price for a pair of these runs around $60-$70, which actually isn’t all that bad when you consider other such shoes that run you close to $100 and sometimes your firstborn child.